THINK MORE BASIC, City Surfer Gallery, 2.8.2019 Prague

Think More Basic is the 2nd gallery presentation by Overall Office. Try to imagine what do your clothes do when you are not at home. Maybe your black pants are dating your pink pants, or shoes are in a war with hats. I don’t know. Do you know? Do they know where do they come from? Are they privileged pantriarchy members? Or exploited outsleevers? Identity politics wars in your wardrobe. Off whites vs. supremes Esprits vs. Dickies. Wish them good luck to find a New Balance. 

illustrated by MARTIN GROCH , photo by JAN KOLSKY

Illustration by Martin Groch



CUT CLUB #9AM180 Gallery, 1.8.2018 Prague

The 9th exhibition in the serial show Cut Club was dedicated to the study of spiral. We all must look for it on our terms and the Spiral is here to help. It transcends time and space, as it virtually is space. New things seem familiar, but are always blurry and too far to grasp. The distance between the segments of a spiral represents the current state of things, the past and the future. The rest is pure energy in motion. Without a beginning or an end.

text by MAX DVORAK , photo by JAN KOLSKY