In OVERALL OFFICE we are questioning nowadays problems with environmental and social awareness. We believe in timelessness where you are allowed to pamper yourself and care about the circumambience with ethical attitude without compromise. We design longevity garments to reduce the carbon, water and waste footprints of our clothing. Here, we don’t believe in trends and seasons, our aim is to create timelessness: a perfect fitted cut and high-quality craftsmanship together combined. Transparent way of working and ethical approach in every single step is our duty.



When supporting us, then supporting local producers and manufacturers. Our garments are produced in the Czech Republic, where we are based. We choose only specialized factories with a strictly ethical work rules. In series of max. 50pcs we produce swimsuit, socks, t-shirts and scarfs. We always visit the factories and we have individual and positive relationship. 
We also collaborate with individual seamstresses for tailored garment such a trousers and jackets.



We create clothing with ethical values and responsible attitude. For every product we carefully select the most eco-responsible fabric with a focus on longevity and functionality of the products.  We have two streams of sourcing fabrics:

Ethical and eco-responsible fabric producers
When sourcing our material the criteria is to be organic and/or ecological. 

Organic cotton is difficult to plant and cultivate in European climate. That is the reason why the best quality of organic cotton comes from Turkey, especially high quality so called Aegean cotton, grown close to the Aegean Sea. Organic cotton is demanding on quality of soil, the organic cotton guaranteed to be GMO-free. Turkish Biosafety Law forbids GMO and protects industry producers agains scandals involving traces of GMO on organic cotton in Turkey (in sharp contrast with India). Proximity Turkey to Europe reduce results in a lower carbon footprint. Organic cotton we use is certified by GOTS.

Organic products: Venus tee, Spiral Man

Fabrics from regenerated fibers - For all our Swimwear we use regenerated polyamid ECONYL® yarn.  Regenerated fiber from post-consumer waste comes from ocean and landfill waste. 

Dead stock fabrics
We do not agree with over-production. So we are neglecting to buy new fabric and rather source dead-stock fabrics for our products. Dead-stock refers to fabric that is sitting around, that textile mills have been unable to sell or there is little damage.  We buy these fabrics and giving them second chance. We always do small limited series from deadstock fabrics. We love to buy dead stock fabrics from Textil Mountain store or other EU based suppliers.

Our Clematis Trousers are made out of dead stock fine wool from factory at Moravia, CZ.



We do not agree with fast production and shorting life of product by seasonal expiration. We set our own rhythm. Carry over products we keep producing till infinity. It's not ageing, it's not going to sales. It's still spiralling. Most of our clothing is produced as carryovers: Spiral Tops, Swimsuits, Underwear



Our clothing labels are created in small Czech production. Our goal for 2025 is to have all the labels from organic fibers or recycled yarns. When we ship clothes we use packaging from recycled paper together with biodegradable mailers.


Spend your money wisely, buy things which can grow up with you. 

Thank you for reading.